The AIROPTIMIZER eliminates thick air in the workplace

Employees have the best ideas and work most effectively when they feel comfortable at their workplace and the indoor air is of a high quality. The AIROPTIMIZER quietly and unobtrusively takes care of exactly that in the background. This allows employees to concentrate fully on their work.

Employees are the heart of a company. Therefore, it goes without saying that employers want to protect the health of their employees. However, the corona pandemic makes us aware that one important aspect has often been overlooked: indoor air. It is not only corona viruses that can easily travel from employee to employee indoors. Bacteria and other pathogens also remain in the air for a long time, so that colleagues can infect each other unknowingly.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has shown that in many companies, the installed ventilation systems are not sufficient to achieve good air quality. Yet it has been scientifically proven that the quality of indoor air in particular has a great influence on the performance of employees. In addition to viruses and bacteria, many indoor spaces contain high concentrations of air pollutants and harmful particles, for example from plastic carpets and technical equipment. All of these not only affect our health but also negatively affect our productivity. Seen in this light can be said, in two respects, that the 
AIROPTIMIZER air purifier is a breath of fresh air. The air purifier not only ensures the best air quality and a pleasant working environment, it also helps employees to clear their heads so that they can work efficiently.

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